Electoral Reform

The current system in Canada, First Past the Post (FPTP) does not give everyone an equal vote, and as a result Canada maintains a 2-3 party system. I propose some type of proportional representiation, so every vote matters.

If you've read this far, it's worth understanding the various PR electoral systems, so you can have an eductaed opinion on the subject.

In 2004 there was a Citizen's Assembly on electoral reform, which had a lot of attention and education, and overwhelming 57.7% of voters choose to replace FPTP with BC-STV. Sadly, instead of 50% (which is a very large percentage considering referendum voting) it has been decided that 60% was needed, so it didn't pass. It was given another chance in 2018, but with no real effort to educate the citizenry on what the various PR electoral systems are, or why electoral reform is important, and it failed with only 38.7% of voters choosing PR and 61.3% to keep the existing FPTP system.

It is my opinion that citizens should be made aware of how their vote doesn't likely matter with FPTP, and let them choose a PR electoral system that makes sure every vote matters.

Adding a clause to the Election Act to detect for required improvements

This is a novel idea of mine, that there should be an error correction processes added to the Elections Act, which detects lower voter turn out, as well as provide citizens a way to vote for dissatisfaction. There are lot of voters who feel, incorrectly, that abstinence from voting is sending a message. Should the voter turn out go below a certain threshold, say 50%, or should more than 50% of voters say they're not happy with any of the options, that should trigger a referendum to improve the election process in general. Without such a clause, democracy will continue to erode.