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This is the political page of Kris Constable.

Kris is more of a policy person than a partisan, but in 2015 he entered the Canadian Federal Election with the Green Party of Canada, as writing this 5 years later he still feels the Green Party is best suited for a chance to run the country. It doesn't make sense to him that we alternate back and forth between the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP, expecting them to be any different than last time they were elected and given the chance to govern. Our collective memory of the lies, and crimes, from the previous governments seem to be forgotten within 2-3 terms. It is Kris' belief we should be giving the best suited underdog a chance to govern honestly, and if they don't do that, we move on to the next underdog until the collective voice is loud and clear that we want honesty in politics. This will likely only happen throgh a massive collective uprising and unrest from the citizenry, or once we have electoral reform.

Kris is not currently representing any political party, but is still politically interested and opinionated.

Kris Constable - Federal Candidate from 2015

The main tenants of Kris' 2015 campaign were:

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